PPC / Google Ads Your business on page #1 of Google

PPC management for Google Ads and more

Pay-per-click advertising is an easy way to get your business onto the first page of Google (if all settings are configured correctly and the message displayed is engaging). It drives local and national traffic to your website and also helps develop your marketing strategy with SEO tools and reporting. Our PPC experts at The Web Developer are well versed in Google Ads, remarketing ads, Bing Advertising and social media ads, and will help drive new, profitable traffic to your website.
  • SEO keyword development for effective ads
  • Targeted local, national, and worldwide ads
  • PPC bid prices and budget adjustments conversion tracking
  • Landing page creation and management PPC ad placements
  • Analytics and reporting tools setup and management
  • Remarketing ads setup and management


Search Engine Management

Are you optimizing all online channels to increase your organic search ranking? Are you following best practices and keeping track of possible website errors and search ranking risks? Online visibility is essential to be successful in today’s world, but it can be hard to manage when you have a business to run. Let our SEM experts help. We will monitor and optimize your PPC ads, boost organic search ranking through best practices, manage search engine updates, and more.

All Pay Per Click Services

We manage more than just Google Ads. Our PPC experts have experience and proven success with Bing Advertising, Facebook PPC ads, and Instagram advertising. Expand your presence and increase leads through various marketing channels with our team of marketers.

Google Ads

Without launching PPC ads on Google Ads, there is only a 70% chance your website might actually be found. 2/3 of all searches on the internet originate from Google with 30% of all traffic clicking the first listing… leaving your website at a 40% searchable rate. The best way to reach new customers and to be found via Google search is to launch pay-per-click ads.



The Web Developer can help get your first campaign launched on Google Ads and can help manage campaigns as your traffic grows. 


From development through keyword optimization to budgeting, we’re here to help.

Google Ads Remarketing

Have you ever visited a site that displayed a picture or visual ad relating to the clothing store, or maybe coffee shop you were looking up last week? Most people who use the internet have encountered a remarking ad in their lifetime. Remarketing ads are a way of building brand recognition and credibility (repetition is key for customers who are hesitant about your products). 


If utilized correctly, your remarketing ads can be targeted to particular audience, or only show to users who have took specific actions on your site. With The Web Developer, you can count on effective remarketing ads. Our Google Ads experts know how to optimize Google’s tools and create more conversions through user based actions.

Bing Advertising

Like Google Ads, Bing advertising can be used to increase search traffic and reach new customers. Our PPC experts will help create effective campaigns, implement high ranking keywords, and manage bids/budgets for all your Bing Advertising campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media advertisements on Facebook and Instagram can be a profitable source of income for your business and quick way to develop a loyal fan base. Our PPC and social media experts will team together to create engaging content that converts. We manage everything from graphic design to PPC bid/budget adjustments and more.